Top 10 Decor Equipments Event Hire in Melbourne Australia

Decor Equipments Event Hire

An event is cherished when all the decorations and equipment meet the necessary
requirements and increase the charm of the event. For that some we’ve picked out some of the
best decor equipments for your event needs :

1. White backdrop

An event without proper photography is like a sea without water, incomplete. In order to
make your event better a white backdrop is mandatory so that the best memories can be
captured with perfection. They are ideal for capturing portraits and often used for product
photography. It isolates the subject of the photo which gives an elegant look to your
photos and gives them a rich look. This gives your event a classy feel and makes it

2. Charger plate

The food is the essence of every event and if the food is cold the event automatically
loses its charisma and the guests are displeased. A meal should be best eaten when it is
hot or else its taste and delicacy is drained which is why a charger plate is a must have
at any event, they preserve the heat of the food and keep it flavorful and sustain its

3. Cloth napkins

People are often bothered by the absence of napkins because it is quite inconvenient for
them to clean up after finishing their meal. This is the reason why they should be made
available at every event so that the people can wipe their hands after their meal and
protect their clothes from the falling crumbs of the food and keep them from getting dirty.

4. Cutlery set

Cutlery is an essential for every event, without the appropriate cutlery no one would be
able to eat properly which will make a huge mess and the guests will undoubtedly dislike
the event. This is why a clean and suitable cutlery set is a necessity.

5. Red aisle carpet

People often judge the event by the way it is arranged and if the entrance is aligned with
a red aisle carpet it will leave a good impression upon the people entering the event
venue. It is often used for formal events. It gives a luxury feel and drastically increases
the elegance of the event.

6. Table towers

They may seem like they are purely ornamental but besides being a decorative article
the table tower also serves as a weight on the table cloth and keeps it from flying all over
the place. It adds a unique character to any event and it can be customized to one’s own

7. White aisle carpet

Mostly used in weddings, this brings an exclusive subtle detail to the wedding and
makes it stand out. It is durable and exquisite and gives an elegant touch to your event.

8. Round table cloth

A table cloth is extremely beneficial for all kinds of events because it protects the table from getting dirty and keeps it clean. Another plus point of the round table cloth is that it offers beauty and gives the event a distinctive charm. It can be hired at an affordable price and is highly advantageous and saves the trouble for both the event managers and the event planners.

9. Trestle table cloth

The trestle table being long and bulky needs more protection from dirt and debris. The
trestle table cloth offers great protection along with beauty. It is of utmost advantage at
all kinds of events as it protects the table from getting dirty incase of any incident.

10. Wishing well

A modern way of receiving wedding gifts. It also makes a great highlight of the event and
people often admire having one in their events. It is usually placed in the center at a
wedding so that the guests deposit their money in it as a wedding gift for the newly wed
couple. A wishing well can also be used as an ornament in most events.