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Table and Chair Hire: How to Select the Perfect Tables and Chairs for Your Corporate Event

Choosing the right tables and chairs for a corporate event is more than just a matter of logistics; it’s about creating an atmosphere that complements the occasion, supports the event’s objectives, and leaves a lasting impression on the attendees. MUX Events, a leader in table and chair hire in Melbourne, offers insights and guidance to help you make informed decisions for your next corporate gathering.

Top 10 Event Management Companies in Melbourne, Australia

Top 10 Event Management Companies in Melbourne

A flawless event requires a dedicated event manager, without a responsible eventmanager your event becomes a hassle and nothing is arranged properly. We havepicked out some of the best event management companies which make your eventbecome the talk of the town and is memorable for every guest. 1. MUX Events: MUX events is the one […]


top event companies in melbourne

On an average, it takes around 200 hours to plan just one event which is about six weeks offull-time work. A good event requires perfect arrangement and that is only possible when yourevent organizer is responsible and sincere with its work. We have picked out some of the bestevent organizing companies for you below: 1. […]

Top 10 Decor Equipments Event Hire in Melbourne Australia

Decor Equipments Event Hire

An event is cherished when all the decorations and equipment meet the necessaryrequirements and increase the charm of the event. For that some we’ve picked out some of thebest decor equipments for your event needs : 1. White backdrop An event without proper photography is like a sea without water, incomplete. In order tomake your […]

Top 7 best tables for Hire in Melbourne Australia

best tables for Event

Some of the most selected best tables for event hire in Melbourneare listed below: 1. Trestle table hire This table is made out of fine wood and provided with a metal stretcher for addedsupport, it has an extendable base which can seat up to 10 people with ease. The trestletable is a perfect article for […]

Top 17 types of outdoor chairs for Event Hire in the Melbourne Australia

outdoor chairs for Event Hire

Outdoor chairs are mostly used for events taking place in an open atmosphere; the main reason behind the usage of outdoor chairs for outdoor events is because of their resistance to harsh environmental conditions and their comfy nature. They have a tough frame which is often made of Aluminium or wood (mostly teak) and a […]

Top best Ghost Chairs for Event Hire in Melbourne Australia

Top best Ghost Chairs for Event Hire in the Melbourne Australia

Based on the design of a Louis XV chair, In 2002 Starck created a lightweight and substantial chair by injecting plastic into a single mold and as a result the chair was made as one whole piece having no subparts. The Ghost chair has a sturdy build and a stable frame which can withstand considerable […]

Top best Tiffany Chairs for Event Hire in the Melbourne Australia

best Tiffany Chairs

The main reason why most people prefer Tiffany chairs as a reliable option for most events is because they are easy to find and that too at a budget friendly price. They are really comfortable having a soft cushion and a stable backrest. They are lightweight and can be easily stacked. People often go for […]

Top best Event Hire Chairs in the Melbourne Australia

Top best Event Hire Chairs in the Melbourne Australia

Some of the most preferred event chairs in Melbourne are: 1.  Tiffany chairs The Tiffany chair has a subtle look and goes with pretty much everything. It is lightweight and easily stackable. It is derived from an Italian origin historically named after the city of Chiavari where a cabinet maker Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi first built […]