Top 17 types of outdoor chairs for Event Hire in the Melbourne Australia

outdoor chairs for Event Hire

Outdoor chairs are mostly used for events taking place in an open atmosphere; the main reason behind the usage of outdoor chairs for outdoor events is because of their resistance to harsh environmental conditions and their comfy nature. They have a tough frame which is often made of Aluminium or wood (mostly teak) and a restful seat made from acrylic fabric which tends to stay cool in extreme conditions than the rest of the fabrics providing a great amount of comfort in,another reason for using acrylic fabric is that it can be easily cleaned up with soap and water.

Some of the best outdoor chairs are following:

1. Outdoor Rocking chairs

A rocking chair may not be the most formal choice but it sure will be the most comfortable one. This chair has a comfy seat with a soft backrest which is good enough to make anyone feel at home. It is mostly kept in porches but it can be considered as a maximum comfort option for any get together or informal event.

2. Outdoor Recliners

These are well suited for a beachside event or a pool party. A recliner usually comprises a soft and airy cushion along with a steady frame which offers utmost comfort and delicacy even at rough surfaces. It puts the body in a state of relaxation providing your back firm support and elevating your legs which eases up the spine.

3. Zero Gravity Lounge chairs

A zero gravity chair is a lot like a recliner but unlike the recliner it has huge health benefits like reduction of varicose veins, improved blood circulation and stress relief. They can be used at both home and an event by the beach or in a yard. It provides supreme comfort and reduces pressure on the body.

4. Outdoor Club chairs

A simple yet classy alternative to simple old chairs, the club chair has a firm metal frame paired with a mellow cushion and backrest which is a prime example of utter comfort. It can be used at almost any outdoor event if you’re looking for both comfort and elegance collectively. It is a durable and reliable option for any kind of sitting.

5. Outdoor Swivel Rocker chairs

A combination of style and luxury, It is a supreme choice for any family or friends gathering. The swivel rocker chair has a durable steel frame which is rustproof and easy to maintain, it provides stability and comfort which is well fitted for persistent sitting. They provide a 360 degree spin which offers a lot more flexibility than a regular chair.

6. Adirondack chairs

The chair is named after the Adirondack Mountain range in upstate New York. It is also known as the Muskoka chair. The original version of this chair existed only in natural colors but it now comes in all colors so that they go well with the surroundings. The modern Adirondack chair has a comfortable back and comes with cup holders to provide immense facility. It has a reclined back and wide armrests which provide a drastic amount of comfort. They are made to withstand extreme conditions and provide relaxation to the spine.

7. Outdoor Wooden chair

Crafted entirely from wood, the wooden chairs are made to last for a long time and are quite easy to maintain. They are a flawless symbol of comfort and class and effortlessly fit in all of your events giving them a simple yet distinctive charm.

8. Patio Dining chairs

Having a sheer build and being easily stackable, the patio dining chair is an ideal choice for all your outdoor events. They are made with a lightweight and tough material which is made suitable for the outdoors; along with their sturdy and reliable build they also offer a luxury seating experience.

9. Hammock chairs

This chair brings a decorous and jolly vibe to all ambiences and can fit a small space which makes it a considerable choice for most outdoor events. Apart from being just an ornament, the hammock chair has huge health benefits; it relaxes your body and increases your blood circulation, it fixes your posture and improves balance.

10. Outdoor Bar stools

The subtle look of the bar stool can go well with almost any look and make your event stand out. A comfortable seat made with a cool fabric which is designed to bring you nothing but comfort and keep you refreshed in the hot summer months along with a well placed footrest which makes it a go to option for any backyard or pool party.

11. Hanging chairs

A trendy chair which gives a modern and graceful look to the ambience. It has a strong and stable frame along with it which provides the chair balance and comfort. It gives a phenomenal look to any outdoor seating with utmost comfort and elegance.

12. Glider chair

A classy and magnificent addition to any home or event, popular for nursing use but can also make a great event hire due to its comfy and luxury aura. It is made with high quality fabric which provides great comfort and gives a rich feel.

13. Poolside chairs

A durable wood frame coupled with a soft foam cushion makes the poolside chair a reasonable choice for a pool party or a beachside event. It has wheels for easy movement and replaceable cushions which makes it remarkably adequate and easy to maintain, it even has a slide out table so that you can rest your stuff conveniently.

14. Fire Pit chairs

A great event is deficient without a bonfire and a bonfire can be best enjoyed when the accommodation is sound. Fire pit chairs provide an astounding bonfire experience and can be used elsewhere for family gatherings or poolside parties. They have a relaxed back and a reclined leg rest which gives a restful vibe to your events.

15. Egg and Teardrop chairs

An eye-catching exquisite modern design makes the egg and teardrop chair an appropriate fit for outdoor events due to its firm frame and leisurely nature which without any doubt makes it a considerable investment. It gives your event an elegant look and offers a dynamic feel to the ambience making it more catchy and worthwhile.

16. Outdoor bench

A noteworthy option for a family picnic or gathering. It has a spacious seat and a restful backrest which is why most people prefer to use outdoor benches in family occasions. It can be hired at an affordable price and is amply available and can be set up easily.

17. Outdoor bean bag chairs

Airy and easy to handle with a modern look with no compromise on comfort and magnificence. It is built with a weather resistant material which gives it a long lifetime. It is provided with a handle so that it can be carried handily and is filled with high quality foam which offers utter comfort and composure on top of style.

According to us, listed above are some of the best outdoor seating options for event hires in Melbourne, Australia.