Top best Ghost Chairs for Event Hire in Melbourne Australia

Top best Ghost Chairs for Event Hire in the Melbourne Australia

Based on the design of a Louis XV chair, In 2002 Starck created a lightweight and substantial chair by injecting plastic into a single mold and as a result the chair was made as one whole piece having no subparts. The Ghost chair has a sturdy build and a stable frame which can withstand considerable weight. It is a reliable and well crafted piece of furniture which adds a significant amount of elegance to an event and undoubtedly becomes the pinnacle of an event being the center of attention. Some of the best ghost chairs are listed below:

1.  Victorian ghost chair

 Featherweight and robust, the Victorian ghost chair has a crystal clear well built frame which is made for a comfortable seating experience. It can bear an ample amount of load and has a unique ancient touch to it which makes it worthwhile and well suited for any formal or classy event. Its transparent nature is what makes it special because the stains or marks on it can be cleaned up easily which is quite preferable for people because it isn’t really a hassle to maintain these chairs.

2.  Oval ghost chair

This retro chair is inspired by the Louis XVI having a modern and comfortable feel to it. It has a brawny framework and is supposedly the most reliable choice for any event hire or even for home decor. The oval ghost chair holds the quality to make any room look bigger and more admirable. Its transparent nature makes it a perfect fit for any outdoor gathering as it is built to survive extreme weather conditions. Its pellucid build is the main reason why it is resistant to any scratches or marks and what makes it a go to choice for most event hires.

3.  Clear tiffany chair hire

An exceptional choice for all kinds of event hire due to its easy availability, light weight and easy stack ability at an affordable price tag. It is made out of a polycarbonate which is the core element of its sustainable build quality and a translucent character which makes it shockproof, fireproof and scratch proof and automatically makes the clear tiffany chair a reliable and considerable selection for any kind of event hire, especially outdoors. This chair adds a sophisticated glamour to your event making it a memory rather than an ordinary mundane day.

Highlighted above were some of the best picks for ghost chairs regarding event hire in Melbourne, Australia.