Top 7 best tables for Hire in Melbourne Australia

best tables for Event

Some of the most selected best tables for event hire in Melbourne
are listed below:

1. Trestle table hire

This table is made out of fine wood and provided with a metal stretcher for added
support, it has an extendable base which can seat up to 10 people with ease. The trestle
is a perfect article for both home decor and practical uses. It has an elegant design
with a charming wood finish which is always eye-catching.

2. Round table hire

A perfect fit for all events, the round table has a tough build with a graceful wooden
charisma which makes it an elegant choice. It comes in various sizes and can easily fit 4
to 6 people. The round table is highly preferred due to its high availability at an
affordable price.

3. Bar table hire

A durable piece of furniture which provides a distinctive look to your event. Mostly used
for buffets or making drinks. It has an simple yet elegant look which is why it is
considered by most people. The bar table is a considerable choice for family gatherings
at a budget friendly price.

4. Cafe table hire

A durable and lovely option for both home decor and event hire. The cafe table gives off
a subtle and homely vibe. The design is scratch proof and it can easily seat more than 4
people which is why most people choose the cafe table for event hires. It is a reliable
choice for all kinds of events that too at an economical price tag.

5. Round table cloth hire

This table is an extravagant choice for formal events and weddings. It is made with
delicate cloth which has a luxurious feel to it. The main reason why most people choose
the round cloth table is because of its easy availability and tough structure. It is
lightweight and can be easily carried. It is available in multiple sizes and can fit 4 people

6. Trestle table cloth hire

Made with a polyester cloth which gives off a comfy and intricate touch, the trestle cloth
is a great choice for most occasions or family dinners due to its extendable frame
which makes it a great choice for seating more than 10 people at once and provided
sturdy metal support which gives it a strong and firm character. It is a decent option
regardless of its price and availability

7.Clear table hire

Firm and resilient clear table is a go to choice for all event hires as it can fit all ambiences

and give a subtle yet elegant look. It is light andcan be carried with ease which makes it a

considerable option. Its sturdy build quality makes it a rather preferable option at an affordable price.